Sunday 1 October 2023

 Monday 25th September 2023

Arlington Reservoir, East Sussex

I spent a mouth-watering 90 minutes this afternoon in the presence of an Osprey at Arlington Reservoir only 12 miles from my home.  2 Ospreys had been seen daily from 30th August so I thought it was about time I paid a visit.  As I write this blog on 1st October the birds are still there!

  • When I got there the juvenile Osprey was on a post by the edge of the reservoir, next to the slanting platform and not far from the hide.
  • Within 30 minutes it took flight before descending to the water to catch a small fish.  It then flew back to the post and spent time enjoying the meal.
  • Another 30 minutes or so and it took flight again before landing on the slanting platform.  The lighting today was excellent so the views were awesome.
courtesy of Alison Playle

The pattern repeated itself again before I left for home.

A very worthwhile visit.

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